lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Would you believe?

Was this just another high? You’re a Casanova, am I a Ladytron? Did you have a really good time exploring all that flesh and blood since I/you stranded at your/my place? Lying over you was the main thing, the thrill of it all in order to turn you on in those midnight hours. All for your (and my) pleasure, better if it takes all night. In our present state part false, part true, like anything, we presented ourselves.

When I walked you to the airport, kiss goodbye
I said "it's love", you said "alright".
Oh this is nowhere.
Wish I was somewhere - over you.
Your sweet lips tell me there's no chance
No more romance - over you.

No way of turning?
More than this, is there really nothing?
My disposable darling, I blew up your body... But you blew my mind.

I take a look at those photographs of us, and my heart is still beating. My eyes turn to angel eyes. If there is something then it is the fact that all I want is you! I’ve looked up for editions of you, but they’re all jealous guys. I asked myself if this could ever happen to me again, but now for sure, I became a sentimental fool. Is this the same old scene?
Take a chance with me; I’ll be true to life! You’ve made me feel this one thing: love is the drug. And I’m devoted to this manifesto: I am for a life around the corner that takes you by surprise, that comes and leaves all you need and more besides.
I hope the space between us is no longer a heartache in every dream home forcing us till the end of the line.  
I dream of the sea breezes, to strand once again, to be somewhere - over you… Next time is the best time we all know, but if there is no next time where to go? 

Do the strand!